Why does peanut butter make me sick?

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I am not allergic to peanut butter, but for some reason whenever I eat a peanut butter sandwich I feel sick, very thirsty and I can actually taste the peanut butter the whole day like when I burp I can still taste it(sorry TMI). I don’t have the same problem with other peanut or peanut butter products, like cookies or ice cream just plain peanut butter makes me sick. Why? I used to love peanut butter but now I have trouble eating it and am beginning not to like it anymore.

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  1. tekobeko2 says:

    Maybe you have been eating TOO much of it. Maybe you should stop eating it for a year, and then try it again and see if you like it :D

    This happened to my head teacher except with CHOCOLATE :P unfortunately she turned allergic to it. But shes ok now :D

    Hope i helped.

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